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I created this wiki for my own purposes, to track information. Much of it contains references I have found useful already, although I don't necessarily endorse any of the content as being the best. I'm known for having dozens, sometimes over 100 tabs open in my browsers (yes, plural) at a time. This is one way I manage following those interests.

Right now my programming resources make up the largest part of the content. I put those links last since they already receive so much emphasis.

An editorial note. The tech industry has always tended to move quickly, but web and mobile have really brought development to the masses. Keeping up with everything going on would be more than a full time job. I'm seeing similar shifts coming from the "maker" movement, 3D printing, and the rise of spaces like TechShop. No great insight there, but it does mean it's easy to get behind or overlook something worthwhile.

I have ways to contact me listed here. (I'm pretty easy to find anyway.) Feel free to hit me up, especially if you've found a new tool, service, workflow, ..., you like.

Ways to find me/connect

I run my own server and infrastructure. My main site is (shockingly)

Here are a few places to find me publicly on the web:

View Hod Greeley, Ph.D.'s profile on LinkedIn

I also blog (very) occasionally.

"Not the mama!"

General educational sites

Network infrastructure

Hardware resources

Handling media

Cellular technology

Developer relations resources

Startup resources

Business resources

Security Resources

Hobby Resources

Activity Resources

House/Home Resources


Online stores

Where I put stuff while I'm making changes


General resources


C/C++ resources

Java resources

PHP resources

JavaScript resources

Go resources

Dart resources


Android resources

Mac resources

Linux resources

Flex resources


Uncategorized (as yet)

Emacs resources

MySQL resources

Version control resources

Building/hacking real world stuff


Tech Shop

The Sawdust Shop (Sunnyvale) (closed)

Make Magazine

Extreme Circuits electronics projects (long list)

Audio/Video (like building speakers)

Robotron Cocktail and arcade video/pinball info

Arcade Games

Conference and Informal Talks

Conference Videos

Droidcon Boston 2017

Couchbase Connect 2016

Tizen Developer Conference 2013 YouTube direct link

Meetup Videos

Couchbase Meetup

Couchbase Meetup

Bay Area Android Meetup

Couchbase Meetup

Talk References (Partial list)

QCon SF 2018

Droidcon Boston 2017

Beer City Code 2017

Code PaLOUsa 2017

Detroit Code 2017

Big Android Barbecue 2016

DevFest SF 2016

Samsung Developer Conference 2013

DevFest DC 2012

FITC 2011

FITC 2011

Adobe MAX 2011

Sprint Open Developer Conference 2010