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Bumblebee Labs "Social design firm"

Optimize video compression

Marakana Using Camera API

Glossary MPEG-4 Part 10

Android Dev Camp

Code Retreat

Punahou 74 site

Saying thank you


Caltech Associates Calendar of Events


Alessandro Pace mobile blog

Interesting graphics and articles/blog-ish stuff



Startup Bytes (dead?)

Lots of keyboard shortcut listings

Snail mail list removal

When condiments go bad... (the original has left the building)

"Your ultimate shelf life guide"

Deviant Art

Scientific illustrator Richard Wheeler

37 Signals

FreeMind "mind mapping" software

Socks? Yes, indeed. Lots on socks.

Wiki with lots of information on "mind mapping"

Freeplane popular free mind map tool

Gorgeous examples and blog on QR codes

Photo editing software including free presets for Photoshop, etc. custom online "newspapers"

wfmu freeform radio

99 designs - bespoke design by bid

InVision site protyping

Peninsula neighborhood info (Palo Alto Online)

Scott Handselman's tool list

NFC NDEF structure

SpeakerDeck, The GitHub of presentations

TopCoder coding competition site

Napkee, converting Balsamiq mockups to pages

Good.Is Coding for Good

Some events where I've presented