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Developer Relations General Resources


The Developer Evangelist Handbook (Christian Heilmann)

Christian Heilmann

WIP Factory blog

Blog and talks, home of DevRelCon


Facebook DevEvangelists group (hidden)


Presentation Advice and Tips

Instantly Better Presentations (Damian Conway) (PDF)

Presentation Tools

Google Slides

Reveal JS

Impress JS

Deck JS

Spectacle (based on React)

AsciidocFX Asciidoc document/book/presentation editor

Yes, even audio plugs can be a pain (Getting analog audio into a Mac)

Event Lists (Weekly mail)


Silicon Valley Developer Relations - Online and in-person in the SF Bay Area) (formerly Bay Area Technical Evangelists)

SF Developer Advocates (Meetups in SF)

Virtual Developer Relations meetup (live streams)

Developer Portals

Patterns in Developer Portals