Bare Bones Hugo Bootstrap

Publish date: Jun 18, 2019

hugo new site


Congratulations! Your new Hugo site is created in /Users/hod/work/projects/hugo/post/

Just a few more steps and you’re ready to go:

  1. Download a theme into the same-named folder. Choose a theme from, or create your own with the "hugo new theme <THEMENAME>" command.

  2. Perhaps you want to add some content. You can add single files with "hugo new <SECTIONNAME>/<FILENAME>.<FORMAT>".

  3. Start the built-in live server via "hugo server".

Visit for quickstart guide and full documentation.

$ hugo new theme mytheme Creating theme at /Users/hod/work/projects/hugo/post/

$ hugo server --watch --verbose -D


Download bootstrap source:

cd themes/mytheme/

mkdir assets

cd assets/

unzip /Users/hod/Downloads/

$ mv bootstrap-4.1.3 bootstrap

$enable-caret: true; $enable-rounded: true; $enable-shadows: false; $enable-gradients: false; $enable-transitions: true; $enable-grid-classes: true; $enable-print-styles: true;

@import "../bootstrap/scss/functions"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/variables"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/mixins";

@import "../bootstrap/scss/reboot"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/type"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/images"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/code"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/grid"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/nav"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/navbar"; @import "../bootstrap/scss/utilities";